After 14-Year-Old Girl Raped By Illegal Aliens, Maryland Democrats Move to Make Maryland A Sanctuary State

By now you have heard about the horrifying rape of a 14-year old student at Rockville High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. Two illegal immigrants, one 18 years of age and one 17, attacked the girl in a bathroom. Both alleged attackers were detained by immigration authorities but released prior to trial. Both made their way to Montgomery County, which has been a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants for quite some time.Citizens around Maryland have been absolutely appalled by this crime. But the reaction here in Maryland from a radical left-wing protected by gerrymandering has been absolutely absurd.

Montgomery County Public School Superintendent Jack Smith has to date refused to do anything about public safety in Montgomery County schools, and originally refused to cooperate with the office of Governor Larry Hogan in sharing information about the alleged assault. Smith’s inaction on protecting students has created a sense of uncertainty in Montgomery County students. On Red Maryland Radio last night we spoke with Ryan Gniadek, Chairman of the Montgomery County Teenage Republicans. Gniadek spoke about the concern that he and his fellow students had about safety in their own schools in the wake of this incident and Dr. Smith’s inaction on the subject. Gniadek’s group has created a petition to demand Dr. Smith’s removal.

But it’s not just educrats who have made decisions that jeopardize public safety. On Tuesday Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly passed the Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act, which will prohibit law enforcement in Maryland from detaining illegal immigrants already in custody for the purpose of turning them over to federal immigration authority.

The Democrats in the General Assembly passed this four days after the heinous attack in Rockville.

The issue of crime in thanks to Montgomery County’s Sanctuary City status goes far beyond this Rockville crime. International gangs operate in Montgomery County with great regularity. Red Maryland’s Rob Carson talked about how his house was burglarized by five suspects, all of who were illegal immigrants. The suspects were released prior to trial and were never heard from again.

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