Begun, The War On Conservatives Has 

Many conservatives predicted that President Trump, once disappointed at conservatives in Congress failing to go along with his populist program, would turn to Democrats in order to ram through his agenda.

It didn’t take long for Trump to open that door.

Trump didn’t care much about repealing Obamacare; he spent most of his campaign saying he would repeal Obamacare, but then promising health insurance for everyone. Even during the Trumpcare push, Trump openly stated that the best thing might be to let Obamacare fail on its own terms. Because Trump had little interest in the business of doing the hard slogging necessary to generate a massive health care overhaul, he delegated bill-writing to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who knew that Trump’s legislative ADHD wouldn’t allow him to take too long with the process. So Ryan negotiated with himself, tried to ballpark a bill that could pass both houses of Congress, and ended up with a Frankenstein monster of stupidity combined with a few pieces of good policy. Then Trump pushed. And failed.

Trump and Ryan failed because the policy they pushed didn’t repeal Obamacare – it re-enshrined its central regulations, which conservatives opposed. Trump and Ryan failed because even their good policy changes were opposed by moderate Republicans in Congress.

So, who did Trump blame? Was it Ryan, for pandering to moderates in the Republican caucus? Was it the moderates, who wanted a watered down bill? Was it Trump himself, who made promises that Democrats would have loved, then insisted on Obamacare 2.0 rather than a true free market repeal?

Nope. It was conservatives.

You know, the people who actually took the whole “repeal Obamacare” thing seriously. The people who thought that a new entitlement program was a bad idea. The people who didn’t lie to their constituents.

Conservatives, the people who brought Republicans their victory in 2010 and 2014, who despised Hillary Clinton so much that they turned out in record numbers for a man noticeably short on conservative credentials in 2016. They’re the problem.

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