Leftist Activist Judge Puts Trump’s Refugee Order On Hold Indefinitely

In yet another of countless cases of an activist judge manipulations based on their own personal hatred, a federal judge in Hawaii has indefinitely barred enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugee and migrant entry, pending a full review of the order’s legality by the courts.  Never mind that the authority for the President to act is clear, and beyond doubt.  This rogue leftist judge admits he is doing this based on what he claims Trump thinks, and how Trump feels, not on the law itself.

Pamela Geller said it well:

The people elected President Trump because he promised to enact these very policies. How is it that some autocratic leftwing judge in Hawaii can undermine the will of the American people and issue a nationwide halt to the President’s urgently needed immigration order?

The job of a judge is to enforce the law (whether he likes it or not). It is not to make law, legislate or be an activist from the bench. Our enemies will exploit the actions of the enemies among us who care nothing of our security and only of their failed ideology.

 This is who and what the left is. They refuse to accept plurality or the results of a fair and free election. They impose their will by edict. They have destroyed this country, and we must fight with everything we have to get it back.

Activist Judge Derrick Watson of the District of Hawaii issued the order late Wednesday. Watson issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) earlier this month on March 15, barring the directive’s enforcement pending further proceedings. However, TROs are usually short-term orders that expire after several weeks. Watson issued a permanent injunction on Wednesday, which simply ensures Trump’s order will remain enjoined while the court’s assess it on the merits.

Read more at: The Daily Caller

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