Mike Lee Talks Trumpcare, SLAMS Republican Leadership Over Bullying Tactics | Daily Wire

n. Mike Lee (R-UT) spoke with Chuck Todd today on Meet the Press to discuss the fight between the Freedom Caucus and Republican leadership over Trumpcare. With House Republicans postponing a vote on the bill tonight and President Trump pulling an ultimatum on Congress to pass the bill on Friday, threatening to keep Obamacare, Sen. Lee expressed his concerns with the bill and gave his perspective.Todd started the interview by quoting Lee’s statement earlier this morning, which stated that the Trumpcare bill should go back to the drawing board to address free market concerns, and asked him if it is time to write a new bill. Lee said that it is time for Republicans to start over and that it is possible for Republicans to address why the current iteration of the Obamacare replacement bill is failing. Lee also stated that the bill needs to address not only the costs of health care itself, but also the costs to the consumer who wishes to acquire said care.

When Todd asked him where the bill failed to address both of those concerns, Lee stated that while Trumpcare would address one set of problems, namely the Obamacare taxes, it would create additional problems by not solving the regulations against the health insurance companies. Lee suggested that much of the government spending comes from the regulations that it imposes on the insurance industry.

Todd then asked Lee what he would do if he was leading the Republican push to replace Obamacare. Lee said that after repealing Obamacare, he would expand the use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as well as including additional provisions that would curb the cost of health care, such as cutting regulations.

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