Murderer Uses ‘Islamophobia’ As Defense For Shooting 5 Unarmed Victims, Killing 2

An ongoing domestic dispute fueled by Facebook threats from an accused killer led to an ambush by Nasser Hamad. This resulted in the shooting deaths of two victims and the wounding of three others

Hamad “acknowledged” that the argument between him and the other 5 ended at the point where he went into the house and retrieved his gun, the filing says. He also acknowledged that the five were in their van when he walked the 70 feet from his front door to the van and fired nine to 10 shots at the five.

When the bullets ran out, Hamad went back into the house and got a second ammunition magazine. “Again, he did not call 911, lock himself securely in his home and wait for police,” the filing says.

When he arrived at the van a second time, he fired the fatal shot into the back of Josh Haber, 19, while Haber tried to get back into the van. He also fired at two others as they fled on foot, the filing says.

In court this week, the admitted killer justified the shootings by invoking an “Islamophobia” defense and he even called on prosecutors to charge the victims with hate crimes.

Hamad has had a number of previous encounters with law enforcement. There are current protective orders against him, and he has threatened to kill his own brother.

During the bond hearing, he asked an assistant prosecutor if he was a “Zionist Jew”.

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