VIDEO: Obama Spying “Illegal Domestic Political Espionage On A Scale Never Before Imagined”

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell discusses the unlawful abuse of intelligence tools as a political weapon by the Obama administration for spying on the Trump transition team.

“This is illegal domestic political espionage on a scale never before imagined. It is, however, totally consistent with the Obama administration’s weaponizing of the IRS, as well as other unlawful manipulations of government programs to fund the operations of political allies and non-governmental organizations with taxpayer money.  Just think about the group ACORN.

In a classic effort to deflect the public’s attention Representative Adam Schiff (D) has tried to controversialize and sensationalize the actions of committee chairman Nunes.  Shift scrupulously avoids discussing the felonies; the actual crimes that we all know have been committed.  And instead he attempts to smear the committee chairman for briefing the Commander in Chief.

Political idealogs of the left have criminally betrayed their oaths and violated national security to attack President Trump and his staff.”

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