10 Trumper’s Losing Their Religion Online Today

Can’t say we didn’t warn ya…

Those who jumped on the Trump Train and “got all #MAGA” didn’t want listen to those who saw through the Orange Sheen. The Golden Shower of victory wasn’t clouding our vision of an overly complementary, Reality TV star becoming “artful with deals” in dealing with the GOP Establishment. Now, he’s a part of “The Club”! Kudos to him. (sucks for all of us!). So, in the spirit of “we told you so”, we bring you… 10 Trumpers who are losing their ever-loving minds today.

1.The infamous Mike Cernovich

…yeah…we wanted Conservatism…not Bernie 2.0



2. Laura Ingraham

Someone’s not blowing kisses at the screen anymore…



3. Paul Joseph Watson

“That’s me in the corner. That’s me with a sharp knife…losing my religion…”



4. Richard Spencer

Well, He’s off to get another Skinhead Special at Great Clips…



5. Jack Posobiec

Yeah, Jack…neither did we. Neither did we…



6. Pat Dollard

Yup. You know the formula…”(fill in the blank) is tied to George Soros”. That and a Goldman Sachs job history will get you top billing.



7. Ann Coulter

In WHO do you trust again, Ann? Try trusting in a steak sandwich…just saying…



8. Baked Alaska

#8 on Time Magazine’s Most Influential Twitter Accounts 2017…and with a sluggish bullet #8 on today’s MAGA Meltdown list today too! Stay tuned for that Buckeye Newshawk Award…



9. Nigel Farage

Nigel, we hardly knew ye!



10. General Deplorable – Aka House Cracka

Someone’s cracka-lakin’ up!






Thanks to Reagan Battalion for giving us the perfect memorial to all of the MAGA’s that went on before us…


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