5 Ridiculous Things Offending Liberals Today

Before we delve into the list of the top 5 items offending people today, we must congratulate them for their creativity. Similar to the scene from the movie “Boomerang”, where Martin Lawrence deconstructs how racist the game of billiards actual is (“And the game is over when the White ball drives the Black Ball COMPLETELY off the table!”), apparently there are other unspoken or implied advances against minority groups. Lets take a quick look.


  1. Rice University is doing away with the title of “master” for the heads of its residential colleges because the term signified those in charge during slavery in America

So now, maybe they’ll even change the Master’s Degree to a “Magister’s Degree”. Then, your Magister’s Degree in German Fashion Design will be even more worthless than one from those colleges that advertise during Daytime Soaps and Maury Povich…


2. Teachers Should Stop Requiring Standard English From Minorities, Too ‘Oppressive’


Why even have standards or class…that would be too difficult. I mean, It IS only that despicable 2016’s offspring, 2017…can it get any worse?


3. Villanova Student Combats Shaves Head to Fight Hair ‘Privilege,’ “Oppressive Gender Norms”

Sorry, Punkin’…Sinead O’Connor blazed that trail decades before your 15 seconds of fame began…


4. Mother Jones Editor-in-Chief Frets Tomahawk Missile Might Offend Native Americans

How about we change their name to “Gay Blades”? “BREAKING THIS MORNING: Assad was attacked by 50 Gay Blades”…nah, the G in LGBT will probably be against that idea (which stands for Gay, just to state for “Safe Space Intrusion” clarification purposes)…it seems it will take longer to rename them than to actually shoot them…so, it’s back to the drawing board…


5. Angry witches have declared war on cultural appropriation. “Magic is not for white people!

Well, you can keep your Magic…you can clearly see there aren’t any wires or pulleys fastened to the SUCK that Magic really is…By the way, does this make David Copperfield Magic’s “Elvis”?


We really need to get back to being able to laugh at ourselves and not feel bad about doing so. It’s time to put some big boy pants on, ladies and gentlemen…and the other 56 genders that this statement just now offended for not representing them. It looks as though Don Rickles’ recent passing was the “canary in the coalmine” for 2017…only 4 months in and the death of self-deprecating humor and thick skin has gained more momentum.























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