Bernie Sanders Says You’re Not Allowed To Be As Rich As Him

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is at it again. Being a typical “one set of standards for me and one for the rest of you” leftist, he has again shown his disdain for everyone that isn’t him with his latest tweet:

He fails to mention he, himself, owns three homes and has a net worth of near two million dollars. Not bad for someone taking money from people making only a fraction of what he does.

Bernie, who spent a short time in a hippie commune where a lady, after having her daughter, ate the afterbirth, was actually kicked out for sitting around all the time talking about politics while everyone else pulled his weight according to the book We Are As Gods by Kate Daloz, as reported by the Free Beacon.

Bernie’s a typical hateful leftist. He preaches equality, tolerance, and fairness:

  • Hard workers give up their share to lazy people until both are equally poor.
  • Anyone who values freedom must give it up to tolerate the greed from the left demanding equality.
  • Things are only fair when those who take the most and produce the least have as much as those who take the least and produce the most.
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