Dems Say No Trump/Russia Collusion Even After A Year So Must Keep Digging Until Found

Far be it for me to be labeled a fanboy of President Trump.  He was certainly not my choice for the GOP ticket.  However, he was duly elected, and, in fairness, I like some of the direction he’s headed so far, and I hope he will do a good job. But even I gotta say, this pathetic search to disprove a negative of no Trump/Russia collusion is way past old.

Like most Americans, I’m really tired of the Democrat’s mantra of “If there’s no smoke, let’s just tell everyone we KNOW there’s a fire anyway and site our own search as proof we must keep searching”.  This is pure circular reasoning; I said so, and the proof that I am right is that I said so.

That’s what’s going on with the Trump/Russia collusion crap.  It’s been a year, Obama has used the power of the FBI, CIA, and NSA to find anything he could tying Trump to Russia, and still there is nothing.

Yet, we still have the left spewing the tired old “Russia rigged the election and Trump is illegitimate” line and, since they have never found any collusion, they insist they just haven’t looked long enough or spent enough of our money doing so.

As reported by, though Democrats and Republicans agree there’s been no Trump/Russia collusion found, the Dem’s try to give it their (typical) ridiculous spin.

Here is Peter King (R), and if you don’t want to watch the video, the main point he says is this:

Peter King: I mean, what I would be asking General Clapper publicly as far as he knew as Director of National Intelligence, there’s no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. As far as John Brennan — again, I have to watch what I say because we’ve had a number of executive session hearings. All I can tell you — behind closed doors. All I can tell you is I have not seen any evidence yet that links the Trump campaign to Russia.

Alisyn Camerota: So even not — even not with General Michael Flynn?

Peter King: Not as far as any collusion, no. Not at all.

And then below is Adam Schiff (D).

Schiff gives a perfect example of what I just stated above as he is unable to cite any evidence of any collusion.  In fact, he can only say that since Russia does bad things, they MUST have influenced our election.

Finally, after running out of excuses, both Rep Schiff, and the host Chris Cuomo, being unable to actually cite any evidence, resort to desperation (which summarizes the video if you don’t care to watch it):

Chris Cuomo: One last sum-up on this and then I want to ask you about taxes. Can you say with confidence at this point that it is premature for people to say there is going to be no proof of collusion? 

Adam Schiff: Yes. It’s certainly premature.

Leftists never met a reality that disagreed with them which they were not happy to ignore… At taxpayer expense… In this case, after a year of who knows how much of our money was spent and still no Trump/Russia collusion can be found, they insist they cannot stop until some is produced.

But, I have to say, it would be karma if the “proof” came from an anonymous source in the National Enquirer.

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