VIDEO: Conservative Black Woman Destroys Black Lives Matter On Black Poverty

The always intelligent, well spoken and to-the-point Josephine Mathias destroys the Black Lives Matter (BLM) black poverty talking points in just seven minutes.  The daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Josephine will have you saying “Oh Snap!” over and over again as she whips out statistics to kill the BLM talking points on topics such as:

  • Education
  • Single Parent Families
  • Income & Poverty
  • Crime

Grab yourself some popcorn and a soda and prepare to be both enlightened and entertained.


Want to know how “tolerant” liberal blacks treat her? Here are just a few of the countless hateful postings she gets on Facebook:

Gabriel claims that by stating facts, it’s self-hate and belittling her “people”. However a quick glance at his Facebook profile shows that he spends more time taking self-admiring selfies than learning facts.


Poor Nicole Roach claim’s that blacks in America are “her tribe” and Josephine doesn’t belong:


Dre calls her a “House Nigga” and mocks her for having straight hair and proper enunciation:


Haters gonna hate.

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