White Apologist Claims English Is “Oppressive” To Minorities

The University of Wisconsin – Madison school paper The Daily Cardinal reports that junior Erika Gallagher, a white leftist female who is so ashamed of being white she calls herself “a white-passing person”, claims that non-whites should not be required to learn proper English because it’s oppressive.  Her “research”, she claims, shows that that blacks are stigmatized by being forced to speak proper English instead of Ebonics, also known as African-American Vernacular English.

The “research” she performed consisted of asking three (yes, 3) minorities if English was oppressive.  Their replies? According to Gallagher they “overwhelmingly” agreed.  One even said being forced to speak proper English is “the biggest form of cognitive dissonance that exists.”

The term for this is “code switching“, and was the topic of her amazingly extensive research.  Supposedly, code switching say that it’s when people change their regular speech tendencies to fit into the mold of what is commonly accepted as appropriate.  In this case, having to switch from speaking Ebonics to correct English.

To right this terrible wrong of people being expected to learn, she wants not just “Ebonics” to be acceptable, but any way students want to speak or write to be allowed.  In fact, at the beginning of each semester, she wants teachers to say that they will accept any form of English that students are comfortable with.



To add icing to the cake, not only does Gallagher think that asking 3 non-white students if having to speak proper English is oppressive qualifies as “research”, but The Collegiate Conference on Composition and Communication in Portland, to whom she submitted her paper, does, too.

They were so impressed with it, in fact, that they selected her as one of roughly two dozen undergraduates from across the U.S. to participate in their conference, which is typically attended by graduate students and professors.  Forget people who actually did real research, we’re talking leftists supporting leftists here.

“I want to center the voices of the people who need to be centered,” Gallagher said. “As a Writing Fellow, as a white-passing person, I have a lot of power and privilege that should be shared.”

So, in short, she claims that non-whites are too stupid to learn English so letting them NOT learn is helping them.  The audacity of Gallagher to claim that blacks are not smart enough to learn is about as racist as you can get.  Yet, the left is celebrating her.

Why do leftists always insult minorities and make life harder for them in the long term then claim to be helping them by doing so?

Gallagher hopes to start her own non-profit that “teaches teachers to teach”.

“Just because you speak a different way doesn’t mean you’re not smart, but there’s a huge stigma around it,” Gallagher said. “I want to teach [educators] a different rhetoric, teach them to be more accepting.”

Wait, these students are, by your own admission, not smart enough to learn English, but it doesn’t mean they’re not smart?


The stigma is going to come when kids graduate with no basic skills to function in life, so have to sit around on welfare instead of being productive members of society.  That, my friends, is a stigma.

Perhaps Ms. Gallagher should first develop enough integrity to admit that she is white, not “white-passing”, before lecturing others on how stupid they are.

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