You maybe suffering from this debilitating disease known as TARD – Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder…And Calexita May Help

Do you suffer from: random spontaneous outbursts? Fits of rage? Uncontrollable emotions? Chronic crying and chronic dry eye? Restless leg kicking and screaming spasm syndrome and increased paranoia?

You maybe suffering from a debilitating disease known as: TARD (Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder). Calexita may help!

Calexita is not for everybody, including the 1%. Side effects may include: the yearning for security blankets, therapy poodles, and Safety pins…Yes, Safety Pins. Along with thoughts of fleeing the homeland and thoughts of assisted suicide. 

If you have an election lasting more than 36 hours, please consult a Constitution. If you, or your loved ones are infected with this debilitating disease, please be sure to consult a pharmacist and sommelier. Calexita consist of 100 mg of Oxycontin, 500mg of Xanax, and 750ml of Russian River Shiraz. The Affordable Care Act may cover up to 1/16th of a prescription of Calexita and you may require an Adjustable Rate Mortgage to meet your remaining deductible.

Take back your world. Take back your lifestyle…

Take, Calexita 

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