Anti-Gun Legislation Being Pushed In North Carolina House

North Carolina House of Representatives Democrats Verla Insko and Pricey Harrison have sponsored an anti-gun bill, H.B. 723 that, if it becomes law, will prevent people from defending themselves, subject them to gun confiscation without committing a crime, and remove existing protections for law abiding citizens from civil and criminal liabilities.

Among other things, the bill, called the “Gun Safety Act”, seeks to:

Weaken The Stand Your Ground Law

North Carolina’s “Stand Your Ground” law contains two major parts.

The first part says that when at home, at work, and in their motor vehicle a person “does not have a duty to retreat from an intruder”.

And, it says that same person is “presumed to have held a reasonable fear of imminent death or serious bodily harm to himself or herself or another” when using deadly force.

Further, it protects that person by saying the person is “justified in using such force and is immune from civil or criminal liability for the use of such force”.

The second part allows someone to use force, “except deadly force” to “defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force.”

However, the as long as the person is “in any place he or she has the lawful right to be”, they are “justified in the use of deadly force” in order to “prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another” and “does not have a duty to retreat”

And again, the law protects that person by saying they are “justified in using such force and is immune from civil or criminal liability for the use of such force”.

Under the proposed law, all of those protections are eliminated and the Stand Your Ground law applies only when you are in your home.  It also removes the explicit protections from civil and criminal liability.

In short, we are told to cower in fear of criminals anytime we leave our home. And when home, if we protect ourselves, we face civil and criminal liability.

Limit CCW Reciprocity

Since December 1, 2011, North Carolina automatically recognizes concealed carry permits issued in any other state.  This makes it safe, and legal, for CCW holders to bring their firearms with them as they travel across state lines.  It also recognizes their Constitutional 2nd Amendment right.  In return, most states recognize ours, as well.

This right, however, would be removed.  In it’s place, a list of ONLY states that have CCW issuance laws “at least as stringent as the criteria required” In North Carolina would be honored. That means anyone with a CCW permit from a state where there are fewer restrictions than in North Carolina would NOT have their CCW honored, and be subject to arrest and charged with a felony.

How long before those other states stop honoring our CCW permits if this happens? But then, that’s the goal of anti-gun leftists, get rid of our guns.

Outlaw “High Capacity” Magazines

The law would make it illegal to possess magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, or 8 rounds for shotgun shells.  You can keep those you already have, but not get any more, and not sell or give yours to anyone else in the state.

All the people who work for the government and carry guns, though, get to keep their magazines regardless of how many rounds they hold because government, of course, anti-gun politicians are protected by those government gun-toters.

How would you like to be this homeowner and try to defend yourself and your family during an invasion with 15 rounds because some leftist said you don’t need more than that?

Divest Public Fund Of All Firearm Stocks

Divest any ownership by the Public Fund of gun companies and ensure that “at no time shall the Public Fund acquire direct or indirect holdings in firearms manufacturers.”

We all know how evil those gun companies are, I mean, if only we could put them out of business and get rid of all guns, there would be no more crime. And let’s not care if those stocks are profitable or not, they are eeeeeviiiillll…

Makes It A Crime To Not Report A Crime Fast Enough

If you encounter the loss or theft of one of your guns, you have 48 hours to report that to the police. If you exceed that time period, you’re guilty of a misdemeanor. Do it a 2nd time and you’re guilty of a felony and prohibited from owning firearms.

Requires Insurance For Gun Owners

In the tradition of Obamacare, you will now be required to have $100,000 of insurance if you own a gun.  That insurance must cover “any negligent or willful acts involving the use of the firearm”.  Oh, you need to have it to buy a gun, so, no going around it.

Remember above that removal of the civil and criminal liability protections mentioned above that the anti-gun crowd will eliminate?  Get ready to not only go to jail for defending yourself, but for your insurance to give a payout to the criminal when they sue you like here, here, here, and here.

Take Your Guns Even If You Committed No Crime

As if the previous items were not enough attacks on the law abiding citizens of North Carolina, this law also lets the government take your guns and ammo away for up to a year.  Before it renews it for another year, of course.

They call this one “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” and here’s how it works:

A family member can give “evidence” to a judge that you made a threat of violence.  Their sworn statement is all the evidence that is needed.

In addition, the judge can also consider “Evidence of recent acquisition of firearms, ammunition, or other deadly weapons”. Yes, the fact that you bought a gun or ammo is evidence that you should not be allowed to own a gun or ammo.

Need more? Sure! If you were ever charged (not convicted, just charged) with a felony, that counts as evidence against you, too!

And, voila, your guns and ammo are forthwith given over to the police because you are banned from having guns or ammo in your “custody or control” and from “owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving, or attempting to purchase or receive, a firearm or ammunition.”

The law does give you ONE request at a hearing to prove your innocence, though. But, not more than one. It’s not like a magazine that can have 15, ya know. Welcome to anti-gun logic of guilty until proven innocent.

Forces Gun Owners To Interview Visitors

The bill expands the penalties for having a firearm anywhere that a minor could get to it and use it for nefarious purposes.  But, it also adds that same responsibility to anyone who goes to your home.  Just think of the next party you have when you have to start asking people “Thanks for bringing dessert. By the way, are you a felon?”

Anti-gun leftists know criminals ignore laws anyway (uh, they’re criminals) but they’ve never met a restriction on our freedom or a way to take away our liberties that they didn’t like.

Between the two of them, Representatives Insko and Harrison have served 18 terms.  Their contact information is as follows:

Representative Verla InskoRepresentative Pricey Harrison
Democratic WhipDemocrat - District 57
Democrat - District 56 Guilford
OrangeN.C. House of Representatives
N.C. House of Representatives16 W. Jones Street, Room 1218
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 502 Raleigh, NC 27601-1096
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925919-733-5771



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