VIDEO: Democrat Lawmakers Assault, Threaten To Kill Republican

Texas Democratic lawmakers physically assault and threaten the life of Republican, then claim THEY are the victims!

It started in February when the Texas Senate passed SB4, a bill requiring all law enforcement officers to honor Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers.  On Thursday last week, the Texas House passed their (almost identical) version.

Then on Monday this week, illegal alien demonstrators set out to disrupt the proceedings at the Texas Capitol and arrived en masse, holding signs and banners that said “I’m illegal and I’m here to stay”, while chanting and shouting.  Sadly, but not surprisingly, these activities in support of lawlessness and hate were openly endorsed by the Democrats in the House.

Republican Matt Rinaldi, however, who supports law and order, called ICE to report the criminals who were actually carrying signs bragging that they were criminals.  He then had the courage and respect to tell this directly to two of the primary supporters of the criminal dissidents.

In reply, the Democrats, Reps Poncho Nevarez and Ramon Romero attacked Rinaldi.  Nevarez repeatedly threatened his life, while Romero physically assaulted him. Rinaldi responded like any sane person and told Nevarez that he would defend himself with lethal force if necessary against any attacks on his life.

Rep. Rinaldi posted this statement on his Facebook account:

Now, Democrats, with the complicity of their liberal media mouthpieces, are actually blaming Rep. Rinaldi, claiming that even though the illegals proudly displayed signs and shouted they were, in fact, illegals and bragged they would continue to violate the law, Rep. Rinaldi is a racist for “assuming” they were illegal.

Additionally, they claim that Rinaldi, out of the blue and for no reason, threatened to shoot Nevarez in the head, and that Nevarez and Romero did nothing, and the video is all a lie.

Unfortunately for them, Americans know this game.  The videos below show both the protestors as well as the physical attacks and threats against Rinaldi by Nevarz and Romero.

Representative Matt Rinaldi stood up to a crowd of violent criminals and openly supported the rule of law and the protection of all citizens and legal residents of the United States, and should be respected for doing so.

As for the protesters, it is rumored that the far left anti-white racist group La Raza, backed by Soros, coordinated the mobocracy.

Video of the criminal dissidents who spent 40 minutes disrupting the TX House by shouting they could not be deported.


After Rep. Matt Rinaldi got fedup and called ICE he was openly attacked and threatened by Democrat lawmakers

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