Most Of The GOP Hates America – And Proves It With Two Lists

Most of the GOP hates America.  First, they told us they’d repeal Obamacare if we gave them the House.. And the Senate.. And the White House… We all know how that turned out.

Now, they’ve made it official that they really do hate America, and each of you. How? By giving us two giant lists in a single document, jointly approved by Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s List #1 – What they DID:

  1. Spend $1.149 trillion over the next five months (that’s $229,800,000,000 a month)
  2. Kept funding for Planned Parenthood (yes, of course Paul Ryan lied about it, it’s funded from Title X and Medicaid reimbursements)
  3. Kept funding of Obama’s “pen and phone” executive orders allowing illegals to stay in America (DACA)
  4. Kept funding the University of California system, who loves to hate America with $2 BILLION a year of our tax dollars
  5. Kept funding Amtrak, who loses money year after year ($87 million a year just in food)
  6. Kept the EPA 99% funded with $8.06 billion and no staff reductions, so their unelected employees can keep making laws
  7. Kept funding the Dept. of Education with $68 billion (just $1.2 billion shy of full funding)
  8. INCREASED funding for National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities, bringing their total to $300 million, to be spent on a crucifix in a jar of urine for $15,000, or on Doggie Hamlet
  9. INCREASED Dept. of Energy spending on subsidizing businesses to help them artificially compete in the marketplace
  10. Kept funding for all sanctuary cities
  11. Kept funding for all refugee programs (including 300,000 Muslim immigrants in the next 12 months alone)
  12. Increased foreign worker H-2B visas by 400%
  13. Spent $93 billion ABOVE BUDGET CAPS in discretionary spending
  14. Provides $1.3 billion in bailout money for United Workers of America union
  15. Funded CISA, which allows the government to spy on all Americans even if they’re not suspected of committing a crime
  16. Gives more to the National Institute of Health than to securing America’s borders
  17. Gives a second bailout to Puerto Rico, while requiring no changes to their spending, signaling other leftist big-spender states that the rest of the country will bail them out, too

Here’s List #2 – What they DID NOT DO:

  1. Reign in spending of any kind (FY2017 planned spending already exceeds what the spending cap should be for FY2018)
  2. Add any vetting to refugee programs that are openly being exploited by terrorist
  3. Stop California from requiring almost every healthcare plan pay for on-demand abortions, even those offered by religious groups
  4. Stop the Wind Production Tax Credit, which shifts money to a failed wind energy sector and cronyism
  5. Stop the Solar Investment Tax Credit, which gives companies tax advantages even without producing solar energy
  6. Stop funding of the illegal EPA WOTUS rule, which basically puts almost all waterways (even ditches) under EPA control
  7. Stop the Dept. of Agriculture from proposing dietary guidelines based on global warming and other leftist propaganda
  8. Stop funding the USDA’s funding of Michelle Obama’s school lunch standards, which result in higher costs for schools and more food being thrown away than ever before
  9. Provide the $30 billion for military spending requested by Trump (it gave only $15 billion, and of that, $2.5 billion is on hold)
  10. Provide the $18 billion in discretionary spending cuts requested by Trump (it INCREASED discretionary spending)
  11. Provide ANY money for a southern border wall
  12. Reduce Dept. of Energy Office of Science spending by $900 million as requested by Trump (it INCREASED it by $42 million)
  13. Stop blindly renewing tax extenders, which basically pick winners and losers based on who lobbied with the most money
  14. Kill any of the dozen+ programs Trump requested be eliminated
  15. Pass any key conservative items
  16. Offset any increases in spending with reductions in spending elsewhere

Is your Representative’s name on GOP Hates America document?  Click here to find out

Not sure who your Representative is?  Click here to find out

If your Representative voted yes, you need to give them a piece of your mind, and remember, since they are part of the GOP Hates America group, boot them out of office when they come up for re-election.



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