GUN CONTROL FAILURE: San Bernardino Shooter Was Barred From Owning A Firearm

In the wake of the terrible tragedy in San Bernardino when Cedric Anderson killed his estranged wife, a teacher named Karen Smith, along with a child, Jonathan Martinez, who was one of her students, gun-grabbers are again spreading complete lies to further degrade our 2nd Amendment rights as they hide the fact this incident was another gun control failure.

Anderson, who signed into the school at the front desk under the guise of needing to take something to his wife, had with him a hidden .357 magnum.   He walked into the classroom and, without saying a word, began shooting at his wife.  He hit two students, one of whom later died at the hospital, the other of whom survived.  He then reloaded, and fired several more rounds, the last being to himself, ending the scenario in a murder-suicide.

It took only minutes for leftists to demand that we give up more rights in their pursuit of their unicorn-filled utopia, and to blame all the people who DIDN’T commit any crime as being responsible for it.   A few things that you won’t hear from the left include:

  • The criminal used a 6 shot revolver, it did not even have a magazine.  The large capacity magazine ban did nothing to stop the murder.
  • The murders happened in a gun-free zone, where the criminal illegally brought his gun anyway.  The gun-free zone laws did nothing to stop the murder.
  • The LA Times bragged that LA has the most oppressive and intrusive gun laws in the country.  So, leftists demand tougher laws and blame the ineffectiveness of the current laws on the NRA.
  • Two women previously filed petitions for temporary restraining orders against the criminal.  This alone makes him ineligible for possessing a firearm.
  • Murder is illegal. Murder laws did nothing to stop the murders.

In short, a total and complete gun control failure in every way because (wait for it..) Criminals Do Not Obey Laws!

Slate put out a bogus article citing completely debunked lie of the “no-background check loophole”, saying:

Abusers can easily buy guns without background checks at gun shows, from private dealers, and on the internet.

I’m surprised they haven’t tried to say the earth is flat, and the moon is made of green cheese.  Either would be as true as their articles on gun laws.

Slate also misrepresented domestic violence and restraining order laws, claiming:

Federal law prohibits convicted domestic abusers (even those convicted of misdemeanors) from buying firearms, but gaping loopholes make that law alarmingly ineffective and unenforceable. It doesn’t apply to people who abuse their dating partners, just co-parents and legally married spouses, leaving what’s known as the “boyfriend loophole,” despite the fact that unmarried partners kill more U.S. women than husbands do. People convicted of misdemeanor stalking are also exempt from this law.

What they DID NOT mention was that California, where this occurred, DOES have laws in place that do not have any such “loopholes”. Remember that 10th Amendment thing?  Specifically, California law says that A person subject to any one of the following types of court orders is prohibited from owning, possessing, purchasing, receiving, or attempting to purchase or receive a firearm or ammunition…

Such orders include temporary restraining orders, injunctions, domestic violence protective orders and protective orders related to stalking.

Even further, the law continues, stating:

Under California law, individuals may seek a domestic violence protective order, prohibiting the purchase or possession of firearms, against:

  • A spouse or former spouse;
  • A former or current dating partner;
  • Any person who is presently or has in the past resided with the individual; or
  • Any family member, even if the abuser has never resided with the individual.

Upon being served with a domestic violence protective order in California, the respondent must relinquish his or her firearm by surrendering it immediately…or within 24 hours if no request is made

As always, the leftists ignore the fact that criminals do not obey laws.

And of course we have Shannon Watts, the radical anti-American leftist behind the MomsDemand movement that works feverishly to ensure all law abiding citizens are unarmed and helpless.  She tweeted just 24 minutes after the news of the shooting broke:

Unfortunately for her, neither the NRA, nor anyone else, is fighting to force guns into schools.  But, never let the fact that it’s a lie stop you from sending out a scary sounding talking point.  Her twitter account sends so many lies and distortions everyday it’s impossible to count them, yet the leftists take everything she says as gospel not to be questioned.

Leftists will never stop attacking those of us who love our freedoms and cherish the Constitution.  From the New Jersey Democrats that don’t want people to be able to protect themselves, to the North Carolina liberals who want be able to confiscate firearms even when no crime has committed, to the loons mentioned in this article.

Patriotic Americans must be vigilant and never give an inch, lest we lose a mile.

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