MUST SEE VIDEO: Good Samaritans Rescue Baby, Child From Flipped SUV In Running Water

CAUTION: This Video Is Intense

After Texas was hit by tornadoes, killing five people just outside of Canton, a father with his toddler and infant children ended up trapped in water in their upside-down SUV.

Good samaritans passing by stopped and began working to rescue those inside.

During the rescue, the infant is heard screaming from inside the vehicle before going silent.

In the video, as they pull the children out, you can see the toddler limp as she is being carried from the vehicle.

One lady is heard praying “Let ’em breath, Lord, let ’em breath” as the good samaritans begin to administer CPR.

As of this posting, the father and infant were reportedly doing well and recovered.  The toddler is still recovering and is under sedation with a breathing tube.


We will update this story as we gather new information.

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