Thwarted Terror Plots In France, Germany, And Other European Nations

After the horrific attack on the attendees of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K. last Monday, many are on high alert. Many arrests have been made in connection to that incident. With the recent ISIS bombings of an Ice Cream parlor in Baghdad and the deaths of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, terrorist attacks have heightened immensely since the Manchester attack.


In Paris, three individuals were arrested for plotting to blow up a bus with a packaged this afternoon. Police are currently conducting a “special operation” over reports of a suspicious package found on a bus. They are investigating three young men “threatening to blow up” the vehicle.


In Germany, Brandenburg police arrest 17 year old Syrian in suspicion of planning a suicide attack in Berlin. Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schroter announced the arrest this morning. The teen entered Germany in 2015 is Syrian and was definitely planning an attack. Investigators are looking into whether or not the refugee falsely registered as a Syrian


Also, Aweys Faqey, a 37 year old man, was charged with preparing acts of terrorism after being arrested at Stansted Airport in the U.K.. He was detained by counter-terror police and taken to a South London police station before boarding a flight to Turkey on suspicion that he planned to travel to Syria.


More information to come, as it is reported.

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