GRAPHIC VIDEO: Raw CCTV Footage Of Savage Times Square Vehicle Attack

WARNING – Disturbing Footage – Viewer Discretion Advised

Raw CCTV footage shows that the savage vehicle attack in Times Square on May 18 2017 by Richard Rojas was no accident.  He intentionally set out to kill as many people as possible and has been charged with murder.

The footage shows him driving normally in traffic, then make a u-turn to the right, onto the sidewalk, and zig-zag, attempting to run over as many people as possible.  There are multiple camera angles, and it concludes with his apprehension.

Rojas drove his car for three blocks in Times Square, injuring 22 and killing one, 18 year old tourist Alyssa Elsman from Michigan who died in front of her 13 year old sister, also injured.


Alyssa Elsmen killed in Times Square Car Attack
18 year old Alyssa Elsman was killed in the attack in front of her 13 year old sister, who was injured
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