Best Of Slade: On The Eve Of Comey’s Testimony, Let’s Review The Real Hacking – #ObamaHack

With the testimony of the former FBI Director James Comey, set to make his statements on Russian Hacking, Lets traverse back to an earlier show that uncovers the narrative. The Left knew there was legitimate business deals with Russia, along with Michael Flynn’s Russian and Turkish ties, to brick lay a narrative of Russian Collusion. We take the “opposition research” they’ve compiled to build this lie and use it to show that there isn’t anything but speculation for them to plant their flag upon.

We then take the account of Tim Blixeth, a Real Estate Investor and Attorney. He had dealings with former CIA/NSA Agent Dennis Montgomery and gives his account of the interview he had with Mr. Montgomery. Dennis Montgomery lays out how the Obama Administration;s surveillance of EVERYONE was the real issue, which has finally been provided with a platform via CIRCA. Freedomwatch/Judicialwatch have been actively advocating for the testimony of Dennis Montgomery’s account of the surveillance overreach. We lay it out in full detail.

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