Courtney Love EPICALLY Skewers Women’s March Organizer And Palestinian Activist, Linda Sarsour

The Pink “Punany Hat” March of the “Arab Snatch” protest that ensued immediately after the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, brought out the most bizarre collection of stances under the guise of “Women’s Rights”. Women holding signs that said, “Free Birth Control…and Palestine!” indicated that this event was much more of a Progressive Agenda than marching for the Plan B pill. So, when it came to light as to who the organizer was, eyebrows began to raise. Linda Sarsour, an activist and a Palestinian running as a Democrat for NY City Council, orchestrated this march. She is an outspoken advocate of Sharia law, as posted on her twitter account.

She also stated that genital mutilation doesn’t exist in Sharia Law…only in Michigan, it did…as we’ve recently learned. And then after making that statement, she attacked those who were affected by female genital mutilation.  She’s obviously not keeping “women’s rights” at the forefront of her affections.

Now…Cue the random tweet by Courtney Love Cobain, of the 90’s punk band Hole and spouse to Kurt Cobain of the 90’s Seattle Grunge legends Nirvana. She uttered her disdain for the extremist activist, which lead to an interesting back and forth with Alyssa Klein, head of social media for the Women’s March.

And that’s when Courtney Love “pulled this under” the thread…




To cap it off…


But, let’s not forget the Tweets that Linda Sarsour dropped over the years, vilifying Brigitte Gabriel, who was a recipient of Female Genital Mutilation.

We don’t seem to see her marching for THOSE women, do we?

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