The News Media Shows It’s True Colors Again…And The Public Isn’t Buying It.

Of course, most of us know that the News Media is in the bag for totalitarians, despots, and other unsavory characters. It’s why we saw such adulation for Fidel Castro. It’s the reason Che Guevara continues to be placed upon a pedestal. It’s why Mikhail Gorbachev was always greeted with warm welcomes and glowing fluff pieces. In this day and age of social media, we tend to get a more, up close and personal view into the soul of the news media…and it isn’t good. Check out this post by Newsweek:

But not everyone is thinking Mr. Rivera is a hero. We can only assume that those who were casualties at the hands of his dirty work are siding with the “terrorist” label. And others online had their own opinions as well…

There’s are reason subscriptions are down, ratings are tanking, and no one is reading these publications anymore.

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