Elizabeth Warren Turns Down DNA Test By Challenger To Prove She’s Not Native American

The Democrat party has all but whittled out any bit of moderation that once resided within its ranks. The Joe Liberman/Jim Webb’s have been pushed out the door, like an annoying Jehovah’s Witness. Either that, or they’ve gotten the death stare and simply left, after overstaying their welcome when the party was clearly more than over with. Now that their political party has been boiled down, into a “concentrated reduction” of vile agenda items and celebrated corruption, they must be defeated at every possible level. Election defeats at the municipal, state, and national level are especially crucial. But the fight will be a difficult one, as the media will prop up their darlings. They will even attempt to take Old Man Clemens and transform him into The Fonz, if he’s a Progressive Socialist.

Chief “Socialist Running Mouth”, also known to most as Fauxcocahontas, Senator Elizabeth Warren is facing an upcoming reelection. With her upcoming campaign, we will be sure to be served up loads of unhealthy plates of Cold Omelets with Crab Meat from Mrs. Warren’s “Pow Wow Chow”, her plagiarized, Native American Cook Book that she penned in order to legitimize her supposed indigenous heritage. And while she may not be flipping Blue Corn Cakes, like she did foreclosed properties, she will be pandering hypocritical rebukes of crony corruption. Her campaign isn’t going to be without a circus of its own, with or without her self-scalping.

Senator Warren is facing an interesting challenger. V.A. Shiva, an immigrant from India touting the American dream as to the success of his family, is taking on Mrs. Warren. And he’s forcefully taking on Warren, head to headdress. His family immigrated to America in 1970 when he was 7 years old. He is a firm believer in the founding of the nation and the founding fathers themselves. And he’s on a mission to debunk the hijacked Indian heritage. On his website, he clearly states, “Defeat #Fakeindian Elizabeth Warren.” Not only that, he attacks on the identifier of “Indian”, as he’s actually from India. Which makes this all the more humorous.

In his quest to destroy Mrs. Warren’s “Native Americanism”, he began raising funds to run against her on the “Fake Indian” narrative.

Then, he decided to send her a DNA test, paid for by Mr. Shiva. He did so in order to allow her to prove to the world that she truly is 1/16th Native American. Unfortunately for all of us, Mrs. Warren declined the gift of transparency.

One could only hope an upcoming Massachusetts Senatorial Debate will be held on The Maury Povich Show. In the case of Elizabeth Warren, Mr. Sitting Bull, you are NOT the Father.

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