After Calling For Jihad Against The White House, Linda Sarsour Calls To Rise Up Against Right Wing Zionists

In keeping in line with pushing for the next stages of the goals listed in the Muslim Brotherhoods Plan for America, Linda Sarsour is back in the news. She’s continuing to sound her clarion call. After giving a “shout out” to her mentor, Siraj Wajjah, who appeared on a list of unindicted co-conspirators in the trial of the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing,  and calling for Jihad against the White House back in July, she spoke at a rally for Colin Kaepernick on Wednesday.

The Progressive Left has continued their culture war, by intolerantly interrupting everyone’s Sunday Afternoons and Monday Evenings of drinking cold brews and devouring wings with their social justice warrior message of tolerance. Progressives, most of whom couldn’t care less of the sport of football, are up in arms over the fact that a marginally talented Quarterback isn’t being drafted to sit on the bench, during the National Anthem along with the game itself. In continuing the practice of forcing their will upon the unassuming masses, who are simply looking to escape the endless barrage of politicization by watching people throw balls around, they decided to right the wrongs of an unemployed Colin Kaepernick with a rally.

One of the guest speakers at the rally for an unemployed Quarterback, who’s more talented at mimicking the act of grounding a play with a knee than actually completing a pass, was the “strugglin’ Jihadist”, Linda Sarsour. And the Sarsour hits kept coming.

From The Washington Free Beacon

We want you to know that we will not be silenced by ‘blue lives matter,’ by white supremacists, by neo-Nazis, by right-wing Zionists,” Sarsour shouted to applause from those gathered before the New York City headquarters of the National Football League (NFL). “Expect us anytime there is a fight for justice or a fight against injustice. You better expect us because, we will be there…on the front lines, and that means putting our lives on the lines for justice.”

“As Malcolm X said, if you are not ready to put your life on the line for freedom, take that word out of your mouth,” she said according to a recording on Soundcloud, paraphrasing a popular line from the Black nationalist leader.

 Sarsour made the comments toward the end of her 10-minute speech in praise of “Brother Kap,” who she hailed for his sitting on the bench or kneeling while the national anthem was sung before each NFL game last season.
A bit of discernment is usually required when these type of events occur. Lets ask a few questions. Why is fighting for Palestine a platform in the fight for the war on women, most notably the Women’s March that Sarsour organized?  Why is fighting the “right wing Zionists” and even “Blue Lives Matter” (AKA, Law Enforcement) an issue for protesting the unemployment of an athlete whose only portion of uniform to be soiled each game is the kneecap area. It’s because they are actively recruiting “Useful Idiots” for a bigger plan. They are looking to enact the mutually shared goal of Antifa, dismantling the Republic. They want to repeal the republic and replace it with something extremely more totalitarian in nature.
You can listen to Linda Sarsour’s ramblings on the Soundcloud Clip below.
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