Desperate DNC Pretends To Be Debt Collector

In another act of desperation, the Democratic National Committee has resorted to a new low (as hard as that is to believe); they’re sending out fundraising requests disguised as collection letters!



According to The Hill, Democrat fundraising is flopping around like a dying fish on a sidewalk.


The Republican National Committee (RNC) expanded its massive fundraising lead over the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in July as the Democrats posted their worst July haul in a decade.

The DNC raised just $3.8 million in July, compared to the $10.2 million raised by the RNC in the same month. While the GOP has no debt, the DNC added slightly to its debt in July, which now sits at $3.4 million.
The Democrats haven’t raised that little money in a July since 2007, when the party raised $3.4 million.
The RNC raised $86.5 million through the first seven months of the year, while the DNC raised about $42 million. The GOP also has a huge advantage in cash on hand — $47.1 million to $6.9 million.

However, one must only realize who the members of the Democrat party are, as is nicely demonstrated in the same Twitter thread, where leftist @fleurdelisanne gets insulted by leftist @andsat who posted the tweet in the first place.


Ah, Democrats cannibalising their own.  That never gets old!

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