Good Bye To The Iran Nuclear Deal

Good news! President Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. Yes that terrible deal. In 2015, the previous administration joined with other nations in a deal regarding Iran’s nuclear program. This agreement was known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or J.C.P.O.A.

The Crap Deal…
  • Was supposed to negotiate to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but in 7 years from now it would allow them to do that
  • Benjamin Netanyahu said this deal will give Iran billions of dollars to fuel their terror and military regime
  • Sanctions relief isn’t tied to Iran complying with the deal (Iran gets huge relief before they demonstrate strict complaisance)
  • The money could also be used to further Iran’s malign and destabilizing influence in the region
  • Plus further fund Iran’s terrorist proxies like Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad, and Houthis in Yemen
  • Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran will NOT change its anti-American policy
  • Iran never had to come clean on its past nuclear activity, leaving world powers little ability to verify future illegal advances.
  • Iran’s foreign minister said that Iran could deny inspectors access to nuclear and military sites under the deal.
  • He also said that Iran would not be violating the deal if it broke the UN resolution prohibiting the purchase of conventional arms and missiles because the arms embargo is implicitly out of the scope of the nuclear agreement.
  • After 8 years the missile ban removed, allowing Iran to acquire missiles that could carry nuclear payloads.
  • The Obama Administration pushed for the UN to vote on the deal in an attempt to jam Americans and their elected representatives before they’ve even had a chance to review the deal.

Trump getting out of this deal is one of his promises that he made, just like the Paris Accord and the embassy in Jerusalem.

Trump has spent much of his time in office reversing Obama policies that were made outside, or in opposition to, America’s constitutional framework

Thank you President Trump for getting out of this horrible mess Obama had gotten America into


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