Oklahoma: Good Guy With Gun Stops Bad Guy With Gun

Only a good guy with a gun can stop the bad guy a gun. Which is proven, yet again, by a man in Oklahoma.


  • The gunman opened fire inside a restaurant, Louie’s Bar & Grill.
  • Four people were injured, two of them by gunfire. A third person broke his arm running from the scene. The fourth victim suffered a minor injury
  • A civilian outside with a gun confronted the shooter and shot and killed him
  • The shooter’s motive is unknown


Oklahoma City Police tweeted

Cpt. Bo Matthews of Oklahoma City Police told KOCO.

“This is a blessing that it was stopped at this point, who knew when this guy was going to stop shooting people,”

With the left wanting “common sense gun control” or in some cases, banning all guns, if they had their way, this good guy who stopped this evil criminal from slaughtering innocents would not have been able to do so, and many more would have died.  This is what the left truly wants, blood in the streets and people begging for the government to step in and protect them.

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