PHOTOS: Trump Border Concentration Camps And The Law

The below photos were taken by news organizations who toured Casa Padre, a 250,000-square-foot facility that is located on the outskirts of Brownsville, TX and considered to be one of the “Trump Concentration Camps”.

 Casa PadreNazi Concentration Camp
EatingBurgers, pizza, chicken & mixed veggies
Watery soup, sometimes black bread
Sleeping5 kids per room with private beds
5 kids per bed, hundreds per room
EntertainmentInternational soccer on flat screen TVs
Trying not to die
RecreationPool, soccer, basketball, tai chi, & more
Trying not to die
Time SpentAverage of 49 days (median 19 days) until they're turned over to sponsors, such as family members or foster families.Until they died, or if they survived, until they were liberated in 1945 by Allied troops.
Family Unification90% of all children are sent by their families to cross the border alone. Those that come with adults, "fake" parents are common, some not even knowing their "children's" birthday.

With 14,000 to 17,000 people trafficked into the USA against their will each year, ICE is able to help save children from traffickers.
None. Children were separated from families, often to never see them again before dying.


What The Law Says

There are 2 rulings that dictate the law:

Flores v Reno

In 1997, the Clinton Administration settled a lawsuit (Flores v. Reno). The Flores agreement established as INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] policy that unaccompanied minors would be released without unnecessary delay, to (in order of preference) to : (a) parent; legal guardian; adult relative; adult/entity designated by parent/legal guardian; licensed program willing to accept legal custody; adult individual or entity seeking custody.

The agreement says that until the minor is released, the INS “shall place each detained minor in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs…to protect the minor’s well-being and that of others. 

The agreement also states that following arrest, “the INS shall hold minors in facilities that are safe and sanitary and that are consistent with the INS’s concern for the particular vulnerability of minors….adequate supervision to protect minors from others, and contact with family members who were arrested with the minor.

SUMMARY OF 1997 Settlement: Unaccompanied minors must not be held in jail, and instead held in the least restrictive setting appropriate until they can be released altogether.

NOTE: This lawsuit was brought by Jenny Lisette Flores, an illegal alien minor arrested in California.


Flores v Lynch

In 2016, the 9th Circuit Court ruled in Flores vs. Lynch (the Obama Administration) ruled that the 1997 Flores agreement also included accompanied minors, meaning that children who were being detained with their parents must instead be released to the same type of facilities as unaccompanied minors until they are released altogether.

SUMMARY of 2016 Ruling: Accompanied minors may not be held in jail with their parents and must instead, just like unaccompanied minors, be held in the least restrictive setting appropriate until they can be released altogether.

NOTE: This lawsuit was brought by the same Jenny Lisette Flores from the Flores vs Reno lawsuit, ensuring families get separated.


Options of The President

With the 1997 Flores vs Reno agreement under Clinton, and the 2016 Flores vs Lynch ruling under Obama, both of which were lawsuits against the U.S. Government by an illegal alien that forced minors to be held separately from adults who were in jail, the President has only two options under current law:

  1. Release the entire family (“catch and release”), where over the past 20 years, 918,098 of less than 2.5 million illegals never returned to court. Adittionally even if they show up for court and are denied and told to leave, they still stay, with 953,506 deportation orders still unserved.
  2. Prosecute adults who violate our immigration laws, which means holding any children with them in separate facilities instead of in jail with the adults.

President Trump is following the enforcement of the law. It is up to the adults, who are breaking the law, to simply stop breaking the law, and no kids will  ever again be in any detention facilities.  The adults have the power to stop this today, but choose not to do so.  Instead, they come from Central America, go through Mexico (which offers refugee asylum if they want it) and cross illegally into the USA.

The issue is with the adults and child traffickers breaking the law, not with the Trump administration enforcing the law.  And all credit for having minors separated from their parents/guardians goes to Jenny Lisette Flores, a Democrat, who sued twice for it to happen.


Leftist Talking Points

Talking Point:  The website claims “There is no federal law that stipulates that children and parents be separated at the border, no matter how families entered the United States. An increase in child detainees separated from parents stemmed directly from a change in enforcement policy repeatedly announced by Sessions in April and May 2018, under which adults (with or without children) are criminally prosecuted for attempting to enter the United States”

The Facts: Snopes is admitting the truth, but trying to spin it as something caused by Jeff Sessions in 2018.  Of course there is no law that requires children to be separated from their parents simply because they come into the United States.  But, there are laws against smuggling children across the border, and 100% of adults who are doing so are being prosecuted, which puts them in jail, and means the kids with them will be put into another facility until they can be released as mentioned above.  Snopes is saying Sessions can end children from being separated from adults.  What they are not saying is that in order for this to happen, Sessions needs to stop prosecuting the adults and just let them go.


Talking Point: The President, not the law put into place under Democrats, is responsible for the separation of children from adults.

The Facts: What they are really saying is that the President does not have to prosecute people who break the law, he could let them go instead.  If he enforces the law (which he is doing), then the children will get separated from adults as they have been doing for 21 years.


Talking Point: The President can simply make a new law

The Facts:The President cannot make laws, only Congress can draft a bill and present it to the President to sign into law.


Talking Point: The President is denying the children due process so states are suing him for it.

The Facts: The lawsuit, by NY, NJ, and CT, claims the children’s due process rights are being violated because they are being taken away from their parents.  In fact, they are being taken away from the adult’s their with (not always parents) because the adults are in jail for violating our laws, and according to both Flores decisions, the children MUST be taken from the adults they’re with.  The only way to prevent this is to release all of the parents and stop prosecuting law breakers.  N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo even admits this in his interview with Wolf Blitzer.


Talking Point: President Trump is purposefully taking kids away from their parents.

The Facts:90% of all kids who come across the border illegally are alone, only 10% are with adults.  Of those 10%, many are with traffickers, not parents.  Those who are with parents are simply not sent to jail with their parents, who knowingly and willingly broke the law instead of using legal immigration channels.

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