Ted Cruz Vs Jimmy Kimmel

On Saturday Sen. Ted Cruz faced off with late night liberal host Jimmy Kimmel. They competed in the one-on-one game at Texas Southern University. With the loser donating $5,000 to the charity of winner’s choice. The matchup originated after Kimmel mocked Cruz during the NBA’s Western Conference Finals, when the Texas senator attended game seven in Houston to watch the hometown Rockets face off against the Golden State Warriors. Kimmel referred to Cruz as a “blobfish,” and the senator responded on Twitter with the challenge to take their tiff to the court.

The contest initially was set as the first to 15, with each basket counting as a single point, but the game got cut short because it was reportedly running too long. Kimmel and Cruz played for two Houston charities — Generation One and Texas Children’s Hospital.

The final score was 11-9 with Ted Cruz the big winner.

Like Cruz tweeted the real winner is the charities,

Jimmy quoted,

The Dallas Morning News reports: “As the loser, Kimmel pledged after the game to double his donation to Generation One to $10,000. Cruz also pledged $10,000 to Kimmel’s charity, Texas Children’s Hospital.

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