Attorney General Announces The Religious Liberty Task Force

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Department of Justice (DOJ) has formed a religious liberty task force to protect the freedom of religion in the U.S. The announcement comes months after Sessions signed a religious liberty memo in October, which stated it would help support employers making hiring decisions based on religion. He gave a few specifics of what the task force will do,

  • Facilitate coordination across government agencies to ensure religious liberties are protected
  • Reach out to religious groups for feedback
  • Develop new polices and strategies to safeguard religious freedom

President Trump promised that he would make preserving and protecting our religious liberty the first priority of his administration. The Department of Justice is committed to assisting with that effort. The task force will be led by Sessions and will be co-chaired by the Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio and the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Policy Beth Williams.

This is actually two good news items.  First, the Task Force is great news. Second, we know Jeff Sessions isn’t actually dead or in the witness protection program.

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