Bethel Church Financially Helping Families Who Lost Homes In Carr Fire

Bethel Church will be giving $1,000 to every household that lost their home in the Carr Fire, according to their website.

It is our desire to offer a $1000 gift of assistance to residents who experienced the loss of both home and possessions because the home they were residing in was destroyed. This gift is intended to assist with emergency needs such as food, gasoline, air filters, etc. We are able to give one gift per home lost (not per person), to the people that were living in the home during the Carr Fire.

Their original plan was to give $200,000 which was doable from their own strength and resources. They are taking a step in faith and believing God for $1,000,000. They are determined to honor this commitment, whether the generosity comes from gifts from the global community or from their own church finances.

The church did come under criticism on social media for not opening its doors for evacuees. The criticism is unwarranted, however, as they had offered to be such a site but were told that it was situated too close to the fire zone and that it would not work to have people stay overnight given that there is only one road in and out of its premises.

The church is presently serving as a Salvation Army aid distribution site. states,

  • 183,633 acres have burned
  • Only 53% contained
  • 1,077 residences destroyed
  • 22 commercial structures destroyed
  • 500 outbuildings destroyed

Homes destroyed by a wildfire are seen from an aerial view in the Keswick neighborhood of Redding, Calif., Friday, Aug. 10, 2018. Fire crews have made progress against the biggest blaze in California history but officials say the fire won't be fully contained until September. (AP Photo/Michael Burke)

The picture above is the Keswick neighborhood of Redding, California

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