VIDEO: Must-See Video That Portrays Life In The Womb

Hashem Al-Ghaili is a Yemeni man who lives in Germany and works as an independent “influencer” primarily through his popular Science Nature Page on Facebook. One of his most recent videos, first uploaded to YouTube, but shared on Facebook last week, illustrates the entire process of fertilization, implantation, development, and birth. The Facebook version features different music and informative captions added throughout.


This is an amazing video from fertilization to the birth. The developments from week to week.

  • Week 5, The heart and circulatory system begin to form
  • Week 6, The nose, mouth, and ears stat to take shape
  • Week 9, Reproductive organs begin to form
  • Week 10, The sense of smell, and the heart are fully developed
  • Week 11, Bones are beginning to harden
  • Week 16, The neck and the back bones are strong
  • Week 18, The baby starts to kick and roll
  • Week 30, The brain contains billions of neurons
  • Week 35, The baby now recognizes the mothers voice
  • Week 40, The hair and nails continue to grow, the skull bones are not yet fused

At the end of the film it reads, “Welcome to life.”

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