“Technofascists” Target Country Music Group “Big And Rich”

The “Technofascists” are at it again. We have just been through a season of shaking out anyone who has a viewpoint that favors the politics of the right. We had the “deplatforming” of individuals, such as the male vitality peddler and chemtrail crier Alex Jones. It moved to the “depersoning” of the personal space invader Laura Loomer. Now, we’ve just had the demonetization of a conservative comedian from YouTube, Steven Crowder, per the request of a journalist from a Marxist publication (who is owned by NBC Universal). Let that sink in. So, in keeping with consistency, they’ve seemed to have now targeted a song from Country group Big and Rich.

John Rich posted about his experience with Twitter, claiming that his song, ‘Shut Up About Politcs” has been flagged.

First, they came for Alex Jones and Laura Loomer…and most of us said nothing but, “CONSERVATIVES! DO NOT DIE ON THIS HILL”.

We are being dragged to this hill eventually. It’s time to start holding your ground.


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