Miss Michigan Removed Of Title Over Political Tweets

The leftwing fascists have scored another hit job on anyone who supports the President of the United States. Typically, they reserve this for individuals who don a red “Make America Great Again” trucker cap. It’s almost like taunting the bull. They see the red hat, and on cue they must strike and lash out. In this new age of Media doxing Trump supporters, airing their personal information to the world and allowing the lynch mob to locate your whereabouts, your vocalization of political support is now a factor to your personal safety. The Digital Antifa vigilante thug squads are on the march to force a chilling effect upon anyone who has a differing political opinion than them. This time, they have a new victim.

Kathy Zhu, the Miss Michigan winner in the Miss World competition has been stripped of her title. They cite “racist, islamophobic posts” as the reason for the violation.



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