Planned Parenthood Will Drop $45M To Defeat Trump

Planned Parenthood is going all out for 2020. They recently announced they will be spending $45 million to up seat President Trump, and to get pro-abortion Dems in the House and Senate. The money is a bump up from 2016 where they spent close to $30 million in hopes of electing Hillary Clinton and other Democrats into office.

They are putting their focus on nine key swing states; Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. This is a huge electoral effort for 2020, here is their tweet:

According to Planned Parenthoods annual report, they received $563.8 million in taxpayer dollars. Since the Trump administration cut nearly $60 million from that for disqualifying abortion groups from Title X family planning grants. Planned Parenthood nearly lost their heads. Even though they rake in about a billion in annual private revenue and contributions.

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson said on Fox News,

 “This is who Planned Parenthood has become. They’re really not a health care provider. They have become a political force — trying to elect candidates who also ascribe to their extreme views on abortion. If you look at Planned Parenthood’s annual report over the past ten years, you see a trend. You see that their actual health care services that they provide…those are continually on the decline. The only service that continues to increase year after year is abortion,”

So honestly if Planned Parenthood can throw around $45 million for politics, why the heck do they need taxpayers money? It’s also ironic that the left whine and complain about the money in politics, yet are quiet as a church mouse about Planned Parenthood and their spending.

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